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What is Arattai?

Arattai is a free, cross-platform messaging service by Zoho Corporation. It allows users to send text/voice messages, make audio/video calls, and share images, documents, and other media files. The app requires a cellular mobile number to register and use the service.

Can I trust Arattai with my data?

Is the app accessible to everyone, or is it limited to a set of users?

How is Arattai different from WhatsApp?


Is there a limit to the number of participants allowed in a group?

What is the difference between an owner and an admin in a group?

How many admins can be in a group?


I'm not receiving notifications on my Android device. How do I fix this?


What's the max number of reactions in a message?

Can I send an SMS/MMS in Arattai?

Does this app have end-to-end encryption?

What is the use of the disappearing messages option?


How many people can be in one group video call at a time?

Are international calls chargeable?

How secure are my calls on Arattai?


How long is the OTP valid?

How can I close my account?

Where and how is the data stored?

What is the information collected under identifiers?

What all usage information collected?

App Permissions

Why is Arattai requiring access to specific app permissions?