Speak Like Nobody's Listening

Arattai is an easy-to-use, instant messaging app that helps you stay connected. It is simple, secure, and Indian-made.

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Why Arattai?

With Arattai you can send texts and voice notes, make audio/video calls, share photos, documents, stories, and much more.


Use instant chat and groups to stay connected with your friends and family.


Express your thoughts in a fun way through custom/animated stickers, and reactions.


Deliver content to a large audience with Channels.

Talk. Nobody’s listening.


We value privacy. Your calls and messages are end-to-end encrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Arattai free?

    Yes, it is a free, simple, secure way to connect with friends and family. As a cross-platform messaging app, Arattai provides a user-friendly platform for all your communication needs.

  • What can I use Arattai for?

    Arattai is a versatile communication app that lets you send text/voice messages, make audio/video calls, share stories, connect through groups and channels, and share images, documents, and media files.

  • Can I use Arattai across multiple devices?

    Yes, you can use Arattai across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops. You can use Arattai on up to five of these devices at a time. When you use Arattai across multiple devices, your messages, contacts, and settings are synced. This means you have a seamless and secure experience when you switch between devices.

  • Can I import messages from other chat applications to Arattai?

    Yes, we recognize the value of a seamless transfer, and provide an easy way for you to bring your conversations from other platforms to Arattai.

  • Is Arattai safe?

    Arattai was designed with a strong focus on privacy and security. Calls are encrypted end-to-end. With several privacy and security features and settings, Arattai strives to provide a safe communication experience for everyone. Arattai was built by the creators at Zoho. Our 10+ years of experience building communication and collaboration apps for enterprises was leveraged to deliver this app. Additionally, Zoho Corporation's industry-leading commitment to user privacy has cemented the app's journey.